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SELISEISM - Being yourself wholeheartedly. Having intention and compassion. Always moving forward. Creating the life you want for yourself. It’s a reminder you attract what you are.

I'd hate to sound cliche, which is a cliche statement in itself, but I am gifted with creativity. I've been artistic and expressive since I was a little girl. It started as sketching, like most. Drawing UglyDolls and tracing in my Project Runway book are particularly fond memories. I was constantly being innovative with my supplies. Eventually, I even started sketching my own fashion line, "I.C.E" (Its Ciara Elise). 

My family and friends have always encouraged me to pursue fashion, modeling, or start my own art business. In my senior year of high school (2020), I became more interested in being in front of the camera; it came naturally. Even being behind the camera or on the side styling a model fascinates me. I love experimenting during shoots or when creating an art piece. I try not to pressure myself when it comes to technique or skill.

There have definitely been ups and downs during this creative journey, but it has all been worth it. I've already learned a lifetime of valuable information. I've gotten to a point where I refuse to limit myself. When you consider yourself talented in many ways, others will often overlook you. I am a painter, model, fashion enthusiast, and an ARTIST overall. With this website, with SELISEISM, I hope to create a movement of artists who are genuinely confident in their chosen field(s) and comfortable exploring new ones. A goal I set for myself moving forward is to create reliable, strong bonds with photographers, models, etc. I am excited to network with people willing to bring those "out of this world" ideas to life. 


I want to keep my viewers intrigued and inspired. Stay tuned.

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